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            Page rates               

Front Cover - Full colour                     £120

Pencils/ Inks & Colours -                      £70

Pencils/ Inks -                                         £55

Pencils -                                                    £50

Commisions A4 - Black & White          £50

I can be flexible depending on project & budget requirements so please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss...


Intro to Rory Donald.

Born in Oxford early January '73 at 2pm causing the hospital clocks (they ran on an electrical circuit) to stop; came me (true story)...


After being electrocuted on numerous occasions there after, not to mention, when aged 8, with a partner in crime, shutting down the market town of Witney's electricity supply by way of an incident involving a metal bar & a set of overhead cables.


I will not be offering my services as an electrician.


I am however offering them as a freelance comic book artist & illustrator.

 Comic collaborations. 

Cast Adrift - Papercuts & Inkstains #2 By Madius Comics

Final Days - Timeworn Tales Of Torment & Terror

Crowd Surfing - Sliced Quarterly Vol 1

Griff Gristle - Here Be Monsters

                         Sirens Song

                         Endless Voyage  By Madius Comics

Resurrection Men - 1


                                  3 By N.S.Paul

The Phanes - By James E Roche


101 - Hexes Vol 1 By Blue Fox Comics

Housebound - By Blue Fox Comics

Tales From Beyond Infinity - Griff Gristle tale - The Mourning Monk

                                                   True Believers 

Samuri Slasher Pt 3 - By Mike Garley

Wrong Time Wrong Place - 100% Biodegradable By Chris Sides 

Fractured - Cadavers World Gone To Hell By Mad Robot Comics

The Hoards of Surrey 1


                                      3- By Dave Wimblett


(coming soon to a Kickstarter near you).


Spaceboy & the future King - 1




Incomers of the Bloated Goat.

So feel free to contact me & I will get back to long as you don't need any rewiring done.

Creator owned comics...

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